The Candy Dealer Shop

Taking care of your Freeze Dried Candy addiction one bag at a time!

Salt Water Puffs

When you think of the original state of these goodies your mouth is already watering I am sure of it! However they are now the perfect little mouthful of dissolving...


Fruity Rings

Not only are these in the shape of a life preserver, but they are LIFE CHANGING! They explode in your mouth and the flavor is so much more intense in...


Happy Exploding Pops

These yummy little guys, would never ever let you know what their original shape was  if it weren't sitting next to the bag! THEY COMPLETELY Transformed! Literally they were a...


Rainbow Droplets

You can choose what your own Rainbow tastes like! Truthfully though you can choose Original, Berry, or even Sour Rainbow Droplets!!!  These crunch and poof in your mouth all at...


Candy Clusters

These crunchy clusters of candy bits are slightly addicting! And by slightly lets be honest they are HIGHLY addicting! one bag legit won't be enough! These might be one of my...


Caramel Apple Popables

These delectable little balls of freeze dried amazingness combine both a tart green apple flavor and yummy caramel! It is like eating those yummy suckers without pulling out your teeth...