The Candy Dealer Shop

Taking care of your Freeze Dried Candy addiction one bag at a time!

Peppermint Pillows

These peppermint pillows are bite size crunchy candy! The peppermint is enhanced and oh so delicious!!! It is like pringles once you pop you can’t stop! 


Tangy Sweet Pillows

These little popping pillows are the perfect munchy!!! They are tangy, tarty and sweet all at the same time! You can help But find yourself eating the entire thing!!! You...


Fruity Crisps

These fruity crisps are like tortilla chips but candy!!!! You can have them just the yummy fruit that they are OR you can smother them with chamoy and they are...


Caramel or Brownie YuMMs

Your choice of either caramel centered or brownie centered. These hard outer shell YuMMs are exploding with crunch and flavor! The crunchy brownie is so chocolatey and fudge flavored while...


Cinnamon Fire Exploding Pops

If you love cinnamon flavored anything you will seriously fall in love with these exploding pops! The intense cinnamon flavor will have you begging for some milk if you are...


Big Macho

This crunchy nutty goodness has so much enhanced flavor! The original state tends to want to break my teeth and you try to rip and pull it but now they...


City in South Carolina Chews

These crunchy popable chews will leave you wanting so many more when you run out! The perfect combo of milk chocolate and crunchy puff! They are slightly additive!  **please note...


Not Senior Mints

These crunchy mints contrary to what you might believe will not make you young. Nor will that help with memory retention! They are just yummy peppermint and dark chocolate goodies! ...


Day of Cash Crunchies

These crunchy clusters of peanut goodness with make you entire day! They are slightly addictive and just one bag is never enough! 


Peach Happy Exploding Pops

These happy exploding pops are so yummy just one flavor is all you need! The yummy peach flavor is so pronounced it tastes like a freshly picked peach! Enjoy! *due to...


May the Fourth be with You Marshmallow Pops

These are a special edition limited quantities of these cute marshmallow popsicles!!! Your choice of either the child or a droid! These will help any young fan of Star Wars...


Chamoy Pineapple Puffs

Everything is better smothered in chamoy! This tangy sweet sauce is the perfect pairing with pineapple! It is a sweet tart duo that is puffed to perfection!!! All it needs...